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This page offers country experiences in implementing the ILO Manual and links to the questionnaires, guidance to interviewers, and lessons learned. We will continue to update this page with additional information and resources as they become available.

The Hungarian Central Statistical Office added a volunteer supplement to their labour force survey in the third quarter of 2011. Hungary did not use a four-week reference period, as recommended in the ILO Manual, and instead asked respondents to identify the number of days they volunteered and the average number of minutes per day over a 12 month period.

Resources: Questionnaire | Instructions for interviewers

The Polish Central Statistical Office developed their volunteer survey during the early phases of the ILO Manual development. As a consequence, the structure of the Polish survey does not conform to the current structure recommended by the ILO Manual, though the results are still comparable. Initial results were released in December. Final results will be available in early 2012.

Resources: Questionnaire (Polish) | Questionnaire (English) | Lessons learned (updated 2.2012) | Preliminary results

The Italian National Institute of Statistics is current planning its implementation process and has formed a partnership with SPES and civil society groups in Italy to do so.

Resources: All documents related to this process, including the translation of the ILO Manual, are available here.

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